My brother Jerry was an artist and had the foresight to register the coulas.com domain name to promote his brand, his paintings and his products.  He had the wisdom to claim the domain name long before anyone else (including me) awakened to the idea that it might have some interest and perhaps even some value.

Upon his passing in 2014 I inherited the rights to the domain and decided that while I remain on the green side of the sod, that a vanity web address might be fun.

Although he continued to renew the domain registration, the maintenance of the web site became a burden to him and he directed much of his effort to a FaceBook page.  You can view it here:


If you browse around a bit you will discover dozens of his paintings that he posted there.

I plan to post a number of images of his work here on the coulas.com web site.  If you would like to view them, please contact me and I will provide you with a login and password.

if you are wondering about the “Ray’s Art” section, I decided to discover if I had any of the artistic genes that were present in my brother and our mother.  You can view my efforts as well.